Robi LB Levelling buckets

Robi Leveling Buckets have been designed for cleaning wide trenches, loading materials, slope cutting, grading and finishing work in construction, landscaping and road maintenance applications.

Robi LB

Product features

  • Wear resistant material, high quality steel in all wear components
  • Bottom wear straps for extra reinforcing
  • Tapered side plates to reduce wear on the bucket sides and to allow easier dumping


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Technical specs

TypeAdapterVolume (l)Weight (kg)
LB S40-190LS40190125
LB S40-250LS40250153
LB S40-350LS40350238
LB S45-350LS45350253
LB S45-400LS45400296
LB S45-500LS45500390
LB S50-500LS50500391
LB S45-570LS45570430
LB S60-630LS60630482
LB S60-710LS60710420
LB S60-710L_CES60710530
LB B20-710L_CEB20710552
LB B20-870LB20870656
LB B20-1100LB201100768
LB NTP10-1100LNTP101100775
LB S70-1100LS701100804
LB S70-1250LS701250973
LB S80-1250LS801250992
LB S70-1400LS7014001032
LB S80-1400LS8014001045
LB B27A-1650LB2716501191
LB S80-1650LS8016501264

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