Company info and facilities

Respected and trusted contract manufacturer

Ramtec is a producer of its own high-quality Robi products as well as respected and trusted contract manufacturer of welded and machined steel parts. Our factory is located in Finland, Lahti. Ramtec’s history can be traced back to the 70’s when world-renowned Rammer was established. The current business began in 2002 when Sandvik Mining and Construction sold the cutter-crushers and hydraulic hammer housing factory to its management.

High-quality products only

We take pride in providing high-quality products. We care about and give individual attention to each and every customer. Feedback is very important to us, as we are constantly working to develop and improve our products and services. We offer after sales services for all our products, including spare parts and maintenance services.

Growth and innovation

From the very beginning, Ramtec’s operations were focused on growth and innovation. Our up-to-date factory operates on self-owned facilities in Lahti, Finland and boasts FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) based production. Production is focused on machining and assembling welded structures. Ramtec’s business concept is to provide quality and cost-effective solutions for customers needs.


Rannu, Estonia based Harry Metall OÜ is high quality contract manufacturer. It has been working with Ramtec long time and now is completely owned by Ramtec. More info

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