Robi DB Digging buckets

Robi Digging Buckets have been designed for light and heavy construction work as well as for use in more demanding excavating conditions. Typical applications are utility trenching and general excavating in soft and moderate ground.

Robi DB3

Product features

  • Wear resistant material, high quality steel in all wear components
  • Bottom wear straps for extra reinforcing
  • Overlapping plate for reduces stress in critical areas
  • Wear parts easily replaceable


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Technical specs

TypeAdapterVolume (l)Weight (kg)
DB S30-180-55LS3018052
DB S30-180-55L S30180112
DB S40-190LS40190140
DB S40-230LS40230167
DB S45-300LS45300311
DB S45-350LS45350348
DB S45-420LS45420395
DB S60-550LS60550508
DB S60-625LS60625586
DB S60-700LS60700617
DB B20-850B20850831
DB B20-1050LB201050929
DB B20-1150LB2011501005
DB S70-1150LS7011501052
DB S70-1250LS701250 1219

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