Robi CB Cable buckets

Robi Cable Buckets have been designed for digging ditches for cables or pipe lines.

Robi CB

Product features

  • Wear resistant material, high quality steel in all wear components
  • Bottom wear straps for extra reinforcing
  • Overlapping plate reduces stress in critical areas
  • Long profile allows work close to objects
  • Deep profile for high capacity


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Technical specs

TypeAdapterVolume (l)Weight (kg)
CB S40-80LS408085
CB S40-110LS4011098
CB S45-110L S45110113
CB S40-120LS40120117
CB S40-155LS40155162
CB S45-155LS45155175
CB S50-155LS50155178
CB S45-155LS45155179
CB S45-220LS45220219
CB S60-350LS60350362
CB B20-350LB20350395
CB S70-350LS70350444
CB B27-550LB27550578
CB S70-550LS70550594

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