Case MP25, Tearing down a bridge

Multiprocessor MP25 Takes down the 100 year old bridge on the Seventh Avenue

100 year old bridge on the Seventh Avenue bridge had reached the end of its working life and had been scheduled to be replaced. With a task to demolish the Seventh Avenue Bridge in Maylands Mr Jadd Brown at Focus Demolition needed a versatile demolition tool he could rely on in long-term. “Having hired the Multiprocessor in previous demolition jobs and seen its reliability and power of maximum crushing force of 144 tonne it made sense to enquire about owning my own Multiprocessor” said Mr Brown.

Multiprocessor MP25 was recommended for the job as its is extremely versatile and has been engineered to perform a broad array of duties such as crushing concrete, cutting reinforced structures, pulverizing and demolition. Its jaws pulverizing plates can be changed to a metal shear for demolition of steel reinforced concrete structures and complete the job without having to obtain a whole new assembly. “Features like these and the fact that this demolition application also needed a tool with 360° rotation that is a standard feature on Multiprocessor gave a peace of mind that we can carry out this task as efficiently as possible” says Mr Brown.

Work at the Seventh Avenue commenced in early June and MP25 has lived up to its reputation. Attached to a Hitachi ZX220 the MP25 multiprocessor is working its way through and half of the Seventh Avenue Bridge is already gone.

Source: Rammer Magazine

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