CASE MM184, pipeline

Robi MM seulakauha putkilinjatyuöömaalla

Este, Italy, Komatsu PC350 / MM184

Customer Veronese Implianti has pipeline application and he was using Trevibenne rotating bucket for rough screening. After that he put the material through Doppstadt screen in order to get 10 mm output. The biggest problem was to get enough production, even though Trevibenne had very rough net, it was not effective enough. The customer contacted Ramtec and decided to buy new MM184.

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Robi MM Screening bucket The production of MM184 with 20 mm soil axels is 350 m3 day (8 hours) and it is slightly more than Doppstadt. The benefit is that often customers accept end result of MM184 and there is no need to use fine screening by Doppstadt.
The driver Renzo dal Bello has 60 years experience of this kind of work. He and the owner, Ugo Veronese are very happy with the process and MM184.