Pietarsaari, Finland, Hitachi EX280/MM154

Customer Leif Adler from Pietarsaari Finland purchased MM154 (with standard axels and additional side plates). He had previously Remu HD 180. Application was to mix manure of foxes and other small animals with peat. After mixing and airing temperature of compost is 50 – 60 degrees and the process starts. Without processing it would take 2-3 years to produce suitable compost but with MM the process takes 4-5 months.

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The picture above shows material which has been in warehouse 2-3 months. Customer noted that a fuel consumption of his excavator (Hitachi EX280) with Remu was 26-30 l/ h and with MM154 it is 19-23 l/ h. And in addition, output is better with MM154. After that he changed hoses between MM and excavator to 1” and fuel consumption went to 14-17 l /h.
Robi MM Screening bucket The picture above shows the material which has been in the warehouse less than 1 week. The colour of material changed after processing and it started to dry. After that the material starts to generate heat. The customer must prove to inspectors that his material is ready and every now and then they take samples and allow him to sell the material to end users.