Case CC6R, Cutting steel structures

A Mountain of Steel

The demolition of any 30-metre tall structure brings with it certain safety hazards and the controlled dismantling of a former pallet racking building in Bayswater, Victoria, Australia was no exception.

The solution came in the shape of a 355 kg cutter crusher coupled with high reach configuration Mitsubishi MS180LC-3 hydraulic excavator. The combination clearly worked.

“In the years gone by, the only way to tackle a contract like this would habe required us to cut the steel using gas cutting equipment, a costly and potentially hazardous undertaking. “ Robi CC6R is able to work where no man would dare to go. By using high reach excavator, men were kept away of harm’s way and labor costs were significantly reduced.

Source: Rammer Magazine

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The Robi CC6R: going where no man would dare to go