Kenguru C200R Rotating compactor

Kenguru C200R is a rotating compacting plate for excavator. It’s designed for demanding compaction and the rotation enables use in cramped places, for example under asphalt edge when doing compacting for pipelines. Ideal excavator weight is 14-24 ton and there must be sufficient additional hydraulics. Kenguru compacts up to 90% to the solidness of the cohesive soil at a depth of 75 cm.

Kenguru C200R

Product features

  • Integrated rotation improves usability
  • High frequency compact unit reduces resonance
  • Good dampening and stopper configuration
  • Hydraulic rotation design simple and proven technology
  • Reliable attachment for compacting
  • Very high compacting rate
  • Maintenance is minimal and easy to implement


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Technical specs

Metric Imperial
ExcavatorCarrier weightt14 - 22
SizeBottom plate sizeW * L mm800 x 830
AreaBottom plate coveragem20.7
WidthTotal lenghtmm1278
HeightTotal heightmm722
WeightVibrating forcekg8100
Stroke frequencyVibration frequencybpm3000
Oil flowVibration motor oilflowl/min135 - 210
PressureVibration motor max. pressurebar140
PressureMax. tank pressurebar15
PressureMax. pressure line relief valvebar30
PressureRotation max. pressurebar140
Oil flowRotation max. oilflowl/min60

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