Forest Harvester FH20R

Patented Forest Harvester FH20R is designed for cutting and handling of tree stumps. Working principle is to cut roots of trees and then split it in order to remove rocks and sand.


  • Clean cut
  • Ground surface not damaged
  • Fast and silent
  • Reliable function, proven technology in new application
  • Long life
  • Easy to service

Technical specs

Item FH20R
Weight FH20R 2000 kg
Weight FH20 1650 kg
Lifting capacity 4000 kg
Max opening 1080 mm
Depth of jaws 685 mm
Crushing force 546 kN
Depth of frame 696 mm
Height 2030 mm
Width 2011 mm
Max operating pressure 350 bar 
Oil flow (recom.) 240 l/min
Hose connections JIC 1 5/16–12
Max. pressure, rotation 100 bar
Max oil flow, rotation 30 l/min
Connections, rotation JIC 06 (9/16-18)
Carrier weight (a) 15…25 t