Asphalt Cutter Robi AC

The Robi AC asphalt cutter is designed for several asphalt cutting projects, such as road patching, scoring and edging.


Robi AC suits to excavators and it provides precise and clean cutting result. It can be used in forward and reverse cutting. It has a 300 mm-diameter cutting blade machined from special heat-treated alloy steel and the cutter plate thickness is 8 mm.

  • AC has maximum asphalt cutting depth of 100 mm.
  • Easy to install to excavators
  • Wear resistant material
  • Bearing
  • Simple but robust design
  • Good cutting features
  • Protection

Technical specs

Type Adapter Weight, kg
AC S40 S40 37
AC S50 S50 55
AC S45 S45 58
AC S60 S60 67