Kenguru C200R is rotating compactor for excavator.

Kenguru C200R is new rotating compactor. The intergrated hydraulic rotation unit is placed little eccentric. The design enables the unit to be used in cramped places, for example under asphalt edge when doing compacting for pipeline's. Kenguru compacts up to 90 % to the solidness of the cohesive soil at a depth of 75 cm. The hydraulic rotation increases the work safety on cramped work places, there is no need for the worker be in trench during compaction.

Kenguru C200R benefits

  • Rotation improve usability
  • High frequency compact unit change the vibration altitude
  • Good dampening and stopper configuration
  • Hydraulic rotation design simple and proven technology
  • Reliable attachment for compacting
  • Effective compactors achieves very high compacting rate
  • Easy and very little maintance to be done to the tool

Technical specifications

Properties C200R
Carrier weight, t (lb): 14-22
(30 900-48 500)
Weight, kg (lb): 900
Bottom plate size, mm (inch): 800x830
Bottom plate coverage, m2 0.7
Total lenght, mm (inch): 1278
Total height, mm (inch) 722
Vibrating force, kg (lb): 8100
(17 850)
Vibrating frequency, n/min 3000
Vibrating motor oilflow, l/min 135-210
Vibrating motor max pressure, bar 140
Max tank pressure, bar  15

Max pressure line relief valve, bar


Rotation max pressure, bar


Rotation max oilflow, l/min